The League of Peiner verse the Deadly Shrek overlord

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War against Shrek, or often referred to as the "Great Shrek War" was the first conflict against the Overlord Shrek and his clones. Beginning with the Battle of Bronieville when Shrek, with his great Shreky Odor, invaded the Kingdom of Disney. in order to make sexy times with Queen Snow. Originally, the mercenary group known as the League of Penier were hired to fight in the first phases of the conflict. But after the Battle of Little Dick, the League was destroyed and the Kingdom was force to send their army of Fuckbois (estimated at the size of 60,000) to fight the ever powerfully Shrek. The Conflict Began in the Year 0.29 and ended in 0.31 after the Battle of Starbucks Hill with The pyrrhic victory for the Kingdom of Disney .


The War began when Shrek began to send sexual graphic photos to Queen Snow. It was only until Snow ignore the Ogre's sexual urges was when Shrek began to invade the Kingdom. Once Shrek arrived at the border with his big Shrek cock, Queen Snow needed time to prepare her army. Hence the her requesting the aid of the League of Penier. Prince Charming, just a young Squire at the time, participated in this conflict. The interference of the League would allow the Knights to participate in any future supervising

Shrek clones

Shrek using his famous Cloning technique, to terrorize the Bronies.

The Conflict Edit

Shrek's clones were often brutally and relentless in their fighting. So much so, that it nearly wiped out the League of Penier, and almost completely destroyed the Kingdom of Disney. Many believe that Queen Snow was very close to becoming Shrek's bride, to the great dismay of Snow. However, Prince Charming God Mode Seals. saved the entire world from Shrek's wrath. The Distraction of Charming caused Shrek to lose focus on the frontlines, and withdrew of his troops to combat the strong Prince. Thanks to the efforts of Charming, the Fuckboi army managed to shatter the stalemate between the two factions at Faqboy Castle, changing the tide in the war for the favor of Disney.

Aftermath Edit

With the Death of Charming, and the Calming of Shrek: The war came to a end when Princess Snow defeated the Shrek Clones at Starbucks hill. In the aftermath, millions of Disney cartoons were killed in the conflict, as well as the replaceable Shrek clones. The Seven dwarfs, who assisted her, decided to take her on pilgrimage to discover her inner onion after believing she was some sort of goddess sent by the MLG LORD. The Kingdom was severly damaged due to the long lasting conflict and nearly half of the Disney army was lost in the war; however with the support of the Onion Order the damage wasn't long lasting. Shrek however would return 200 years later to face the god-like Onion Knight: Faqboy