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The Dank Empire

The Dank Empire is the Current ruling power over this Wikipedia and fighting for dominance over the world. Although consoled by the Kush Senate, Shrek is the over all ruler and Emperor.


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The formation of the Dank Empire began when the Faqboy defeated Shrek, causing him to return to his Swamp. Plotting a return, Shrek knew he would need an army if he wished to take over the world of Imagination: after all, the Faqboy had utterly weakened the Ogre overlord. It was only then when Shrek had learned of the Claymen. Culturally suppressed, and social outcasts: the Claymen have never been invited to the Frat Parties, and never ever got any pussy. The perfect candidates for this new army, Shrek thought. However, to the dismay of the Ogre, the Clayman were currently divided. Normally, the Claymen always reproduced asexually- a trait they inherited over time after they could never pick up any girls. But when the appearance of a female Clayman appeared, factions were born: and they fought over her. Naturally, Shrek proceeded to destroy the Rebel factions with an erect cock. Thankfully, Shrek managed to defeat the last of the rebel troops outside the capital: resulting in the unification of the Clayman, and creation of the Dank Empire. Drunk stormtroopers by no0t-d2xf1n5


Birth of a Nation Edit

When the Claymen city states were unified under the almighty Shrek's cock. Naturally, the Claymen were terrified of the Ogre at first. However, when the overlord provided the Claymen with graphic pornography. They, in tribute, created the Shrek Cult witch would be created as the religion of the state.