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Queen Snow, or informally referred as "Snow White" was the ruler of the Kingdom of Disney after her father, Aladdin, Died in 0.11 after having an intense sexual party with a tire. Once Snow ascended to the Sunburst Throne at age 11, she had to deal with her father massive debut he collect through constant gabbling and whoring around. The young Queen also have to worry about The Great Rebellion in the north. By her 18th birthday, Shrek was already looking to get balls deep inside her. During her birthday party, she received a dick picture of Shrek via text message. Aghast, and repulsed, she instantly deleted the text; causing Shrek to send twenty more messages asking "Nudes?" over and over again. After she blocked Shrek, the ogre decided to invade the kingdom and impregnate her: many believe this was the reason why the War against Shrek began. When she lead the assault on Starbucks Hill, she would later learn that she had the power of the Inner Onion. Snow White would undergo a three year pilgrimage unlocking her inner power. She would later fall in love with an alcoholic mouse during her travels. (she had a lot of daddy issues.) Snow would die at age 37, giving birth to Timothy the Mouse's child- Mickey Mouse the I. She would later be known as "Snow the Lovely"


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