The Sage (Alive)

Psoni' Chii, also known as the "Sage" is one of few masters of the Inner Onion, and was once a member of the Onion Order. Being apart of the rare cat race known as Hairous Ballous, Psoni' Chii was born around 0.01 three centuries before the creation of Shrek. Psoni' Chii was also the master of the legendary hero, Prince Charming, and Dankoo. He was also the Leader of the Old Onion Order which would later splitter after The Dereking that followed. However; when Shrek reemerged with The Dank Empire, and with Fin appearing before him, Psoni would retire his title as hermit: prepare Finn, and himself for The Great Civil War approaching over the horizon

Race:Hairous Ballous


Psoni' Chii was born to in the Jungles of Tarzan, just at the edge of the Kingdom of Disney in 0.01 during the The Great Tarzan Civil War. His father, Pippa' Tsosie was the grand rebel chieftain who fought against the tyrannical rule of Tarzan and the Apes. By his 10th birthday, Psoni witness his father's rebel faction usurp the throne from Tarzan, establishing the Kitten Confederation., and stealing Jane from Tarzan. Psoni never really knew his mother. And Jane being his step mother didn't rub him the right way either. In truth, he couldn't figure out why this Jane character had fetish for animal like creatures. But Psoni tried not to judge. Tried. And he failed. Fuck you Jane.