Arty mouse


Race: Mouse 

Mickey Mouse the I, or often known as "Mighty Mouse", was the first king of the Kingdom of Disney and the conqueror of the Jungles of Tarzan. Mickey Mouse I is well know for his military ability, and prowess in combat. Once a general within army of Morgana Mickey I became feared amongst his enemies and respected by his peers. It wasn't until the year, 0.55 that Mickey learned of Morgana's plans to usurp the throne for herself. The successful revolution that he would lead would result in him becoming the new ruler of Disney. However, Morgana's brother would later return to avenge his sister's death: resulting in the five year conflict. Mickey would later fall in love with a Jasmine of the Icky Sands, and marry her. His regime lasted from 0.59 until his death in 1.10


Mickey Mouse I was born to Queen Snow and Timothy the Mouse in the year 0.48. Not shortly after his birth, his mother died during birth, and his father was too drunk to even read a bed time story to him. Due to the death of both parents, the Regent Morgana acted as his foster mother until he came of age to rule. The Kingdom was still dealing with the previous conflict ( War against Shrek ), and was trying to recuperate from the loses. Morgana didn't help the Kingdom however, instead she wanted to destabilize it: making her usurpation easier for her. Even going to the extents to sending the young prince off to pointless wars to keep him away from the capital. Her rule would be short lived once Mickey learned of her betrayal. To Morgana's dismay, many people support the young and inexperience Mickey over the Usurper. After Mickey captured the castle, he order Morgana to be imprisoned Under the Sea for all time. Short afterwards, his cornation began: making him the third ruler of Disney, and second king.


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