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Humans, or homo homo sapiens, are the dominate race on the world of Imagination. Once ruled over the dreaded Ogre races for many, many, many years, they are now on top of the world. Humans were once Ogre sex slaves until Aladdin's appearance from the Icky Desert. They current co-exist with the other creatures within their own Kingdom. Often revered as cruel, and ignorate towards lesser races, Humans have received poor reputations with the other races. Especially with the robotic A.S.S models. This would ultimately lead to their own revolution against their Human overseers. They are also know for their progressively face ability to form governments faster than any other race in rather quick speed. A good example would be the Pike Tribune, a export shipping company that has lasted since 0.10.



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The Kingdom of Disney's consul is comprised mostly of humans, despite the monarchy being ruled over by a Mouse. They also control half of the Kingdom's Fuckboi army, roughly 2/3 of the Disney army is compressed of Humans. Humans are also great at conquering their Inner Onion, and using in combat with great precession. One of the greatest Onion user was in fact a Human- the legendary Faqboy

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Queen Snow

Prince Charming

Aladdin the Awful




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Kingdom of Disney

The Pike Tribune

Icky Desert

Lands from the Dildos