a rare depiction of the great man himself

the great rebel, aka ronald jebel is the leader of the triple k mafia and ruler of the southern reaches, he is the eternal nemesis of the NIGGER and lord nigger of africania. growing up in the deep south, his hatred for africania grew at an early age of 4 when his mother fucked a nigger, which later in life gave him his idea for his hit single "My ma fucked a Nigger". later in life he formed the grand confederacy and dedicated his life to protecting the people from dark hued folk. he is heralded as a great hero of the time. he is also a skilled musician and makes several albums which are considered derogatory towards the africanians.

he personally lead armies in the recent <chicken wing war>, which ended in a pyhrric victory for the confederacy. lord nigger managed to escape and plots in secret against ronald in his island fortress deep within the jungles of the welfarian archipelago