MLG LORD Reincarnated (Alive)

Fin Sasanno, or simply known as "Fin" is the MLG LORD reincarnated, and the main protagonist of this Wikipedia. Once a ordinary girl, Fin just wanted to listen to emo music and constantly wonder what the meaning of life is. That was when she got the cramps. But it wasn't her time of the month. It was her Inner Onion speaking to her. Although she never asked for it, adventure was on it's way to finding her. Little did she know that she would be facing off against Shrek, finding a long lost Onion master, and learning that she had become the MLG LORD. However, the world is divided, and Fin must find a way to reunite it if she wishes to stand a chance against The Dank Empire.



Born in the year 2.99, Fin never really knew her parents. Born on the cold streets, she learned how to raise herself at an early age, often getting herself in trouble. Fin was eventually put into a orphanage with other children to which she hated. She was use to being alone and Isolated. While in the orphanage, she was surprised to make a new friend: Ben Chode. Ben was the first one to warm up to her and became entirely friendly to her upon her arrival. Naturally she was suspicious of Ben, and questioned his motives. However; Fin warmed up to Fin, and grew an very found attachment. It wasn't until Fin learned of the reason why Ben's last name was called Chode. Disgusted, Fin ran away from Fin once she learned that all he wanted to do was to bust some nuts. Unfortanlly for Ben, no balls were busted that evening. In attempts to stop Ben from chasing after her, Fin burned down the orphanage, killing everyone inside. No means no, dood. And she made sure that the Chode could jack off inside her moist caverns. She knew that she could never show her face again out in public, at least not for some time, resulting her to going exile with the Jungle of Tarzan for many, many years. Once in the wilds, she began to learn basic knowledge of hunting and gathering. By age 9 she managed take down a whole entire bear by using nothing but her feet and pinky finger. A talent she takes really great pride in. By age 16, pack of feral wolves attacked the cabin that she lived at: injuring her in the process. Despite her skills in survival, she was unable to stop the attack. Battered, and on the verge of blood loss she would unintentional would stumble across Psoni' Chii


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