Gaanja - Senpai

Gaanja Min, "Gaanja-Senpei" or more commonly known as 'Faqboy' was the legendary Onion Knight Master from the Chaos period, who slew the Ogre overlord, Shrek during the year 1.12. Gaanja was a respected consul member in the Onion Order, a war hero during Droid Revolution and the Onion Order Civil War,and Slayer of Shrek. Gaanja is often talk rather highly of even after his death a hundred years later.


Gaanja Min was born in the year 0.88, almost fourty four years after the events that transpired between Shrek and Charming.

Youth TrainingEdit

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Mastery Edit

Revolution Edit

The Dereking Edit

Shrek's Return Edit

Battle against Shrek Edit

Death Edit

Legacy Edit

Known Onion AbilitiesEdit

Onion Odor Push

Onion Dash

Great Onion Dashing Leap

Onion Polarity

Onion Dankest

Great Anal Tear

Great Onion Leap

Great Onion Barrier

Greater Onion Barrier: ROOT

Onion Heart Smasher

Corn-on-the-cob, slob on the nob

Ultimate Onion Layer Killer

God Mode Seals.

Greater God Mode Seals.

Known ApprenticesEdit