The chaos period is the time where Shrek turned into a total douchebag and waged war against the world for idiotic reasons. During this time, he also caused poor relations with the Kingdom of Disney and the Kingdom of the Telltale resulting in their bloody two year conflict. Shrek is also rumored to have gotten Princes Aurora pregnant with his offspring. Wither or not she was willing or not to have his baby, is debated: however it was later confirmed that the baby was Shrek's after an episode of Maury. This would cause a violent Civil war in the Kingdom of Disney, which would weaken the nation by the time War against Shrek would began. The Chaos period would cause great heroes like Prince Charming, the "Bold Knight" who would eventually tame the wild ogre. This period lasted from 0.10 to 0.44


Princess Aurora right before she spread opened her legs for Shrek