Shrek clones

Shrek using his famous Cloning technique, terrorizing the Bronies

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The Battle of Bronieville, or "Bronieville massacre", is the confrontation of the League of Penier and the ogrelord Shrek during the War against Shrek. Beginning in the early morning of 0.29 Shrek popped out his ogre cock and ravaged the Bronies that lived in Bronieville. The Ponies sent a massager to Queen Snow, which prompted her to send the League, due to The Great Rebellion The League of Penier arrived with twenty men on horse back, and to their horror: the bronies were currently being devoured by the Shrek clones that attacked the town. The Peniers attacked that replicas of Shrek, with all their might, and courage. However, the clone's hormones were too strong, and the Peiners were totally decimated. The League was forced to retreat in horror as they heard the bronies behind them being sexual violated.

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